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Increasing Organizational Performance with a Definable ROI

Rooted Leadership Consulting

The Challenge:

Most organizations face two common problems.

  • They struggle to create a sustainable environment where individuals and teams can consistently perform at their full potential.
  • Measuring the true ROI of leadership and team development initiatives can be difficult.

These challenges lead to lower productivity and profitability, higher frustration and turnover, and valuable resources spent without a clear picture of their effectiveness.

58% of their potential.

You need tools that increase performance for each individual and team.

The Solution

To solve these challenges, organizations need to equip their leaders and teams with the right tools that actually address the heart of the real problems they face. The approach of root[ed] Leadership Consulting is to first uncover the real issues and then apply objective, practical, measurable solutions to solve them.

Lead with What Works

Why choose to work with root[ed] Leadership Consulting and GiANT tools and training? In short, practicality, scalability, measurability, and proven success.







Proven Success

Proven Success

Organizations that focus on cultivating effective leaders develop the strong roots needed for sustainable growth.

Paul A. Leese

Paul A. Leese, MBA

Paul is a certified GiANT Coach with over 20 years of leading and managing teams in higher education, large corporate and small business settings.

“I have installed this leadership culture in my company and we saw a 64% increase in revenue production and a 42% increase in capacity. It just plain works.”

-David Boney
Director of Project Management, Keap

“GiANT is not just another leadership training course. This is more like signing up for a year-long special operations force training program where you can be apprenticed by highly skilled leaders learning to use simple leadership tools in very effective ways to greatly improve your leadership capacity and the ability to teach and challenge others to become leaders worth following.”

-Kevin Bailey
CEO, Bailey

“The GiANT platform gives me the power of a personal leadership consultant at my fingertips 24/7. The ease of finding content that answers my question or the problem I am trying to solve is unlike anything or anyone I’ve worked with before.”

-Brock Wissmiller
Senior Athletic Director, Upper Iowa University

GiANT Clients

Chick-fil-aDahl AutomotivePfizerInfusionsoftUS Air Force

So Where Do We Start?

The most important thing to do when leading the way is taking the first step. Contact root[ed] Leadership Consulting today to see how our tools and techniques can move you and your organization forward.