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How We Help

The root[ed] Approach

Using the proven tools and approaches of GiANT Worldwide, we customize training programs that easily fit into the day-to-day workflow of individuals and teams.  The training is practical, easy to remember, simple to implement, and progress can be measured to show the real ROI of the investment.

ROI Dashboards

Why Work with root[ed] Leadership Consulting?

In short, practicality, scalability, measurability, and proven success.


Our approach to building effective leaders and teams uses proven tools that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Simple yet powerful visual tools are accessible, memorable and applicable for anyone. 


An objective common language and customizable platform allow any size organization to seamlessly replicate the training and subsequent performance improvement to all employees/team members.


Determining real ROI on the time and investment put into leadership and team development can be challenging, but it is possible and vitally important.  We track both qualitative and quantitative data in a visual way making it easy to digest and evaluate.

Proven Success

Over 200,000 people—including leaders from Google, the US Air Force, Pfizer, Chick-fil-A, & more—have used GiANT training to discover their leadership voice & build high performing teams.

We believe the secret to organizational health & performance is equipping your sub-culture leaders who affect the culture at every level inside your organization. As those leaders go, so goes your teams. If you want to increase the performance/health of your teams, your team leaders must grow.

You may not know where to start, but that’s why we created the Invincible Operating System (OS). We know exactly what to do to unlock the potential of people. We know how to assess current reality, we know what tools to teach to transform people, and we know how to implement our process in any size organization.

The Invincible OS is an ongoing Process that uses our Toolkit to unlock the full potential of an organization based on our Assessment.

What is GiANT?

Our 450+ trained experts currently use our technology in 127 different countries to unlock the potential of people in organizations throughout the world.

We improve productivity and culture at every level of the organization. Whether we are focusing on leaders, teams, or the organization as a whole, our unique mix of powerful content and tools, interactive experiences, proven assessments, and transformative training, will take your people to the next level.

We implement on-going programs to create cycles of continuous improvement within your organization. GiANT is not an event. GiANT is a way of life.

Paul Leese

About Our Owner

Paul Leese, MBA brings over 20 years of experience managing and leading teams in settings ranging from higher education, large corporations, small businesses and non-profits.  He loves teaching and is passionate about helping individuals and teams succeed.  His particular areas of industry expertise are an eclectic mix and include education, community banking, non-profits and advertising/marketing agencies.

So Where Do We Start?

The most important thing to do when leading the way is taking the first step. Contact Root[ed] Leadership Consulting today to see how our tools and techniques can move you and your organization forward.