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“I have installed this leadership culture in my company and we saw a 64% increase in revenue production and a 42% increase in capacity. It just plain works.”

-David Boney, Director of Project Management


“My experience with GiANT and the Executive CORE has been very positive. We have been working with GiANT for a couple years and the CORE philosophy along with its tools have been the largest factor in transforming our team into humility-based leaders. Our culture and business has thrived under GiANT’s influence.

-Andrew Dahl, President & COO


“The GiANT platform gives me the power of a personal leadership consultant at my fingertips 24/7. The ease of finding content that answers my question or the problem I am trying to solve is unlike anything or anyone I’ve worked with before. Having tools available to share with colleagues has allowed us to work through challenges in a common framework, saving valuable time and significantly reducing communication struggles.”

-Brock Wissmiller, Senior Athletic Director


“The GiANT program has radically altered my view and application of leadership in very real and tangible ways. GiANT is not just another leadership training course. This is more like signing up for a year-long special operations force training program where you can be apprenticed by highly skilled leaders learning to use simple leadership tools in very effective ways to greatly improve your leadership capacity and the ability to teach and challenge others to become leaders worth following.”

-Kevin Bailey, CEO


“GiANT has been amazing for our team. We’ve had so many breakthroughs that have brought clarity and hope after a season of deep frustration. I can see that my staff values the platform because they are using the tools, communicating in a common language and recognizing each other’s unique voices. We are working together in a way we never have before.

Our team never lacked love for each other or commitment to our mission. We simply didn’t have the tools to communicate effectively and work together well. As a director, I am grateful to see us finally moving forward, thanks to GiANT.”

-Erin Kate Goode, Executive Director


“GiANT has helped me truly grasp and understand my personality, style of leadership, and tendencies. But the most challenging aspect of leadership is how to draw out ideas, opinions and input from other people who are different than me. I’m in a situation where we are really trying to change and build the culture, and using a common leadership language from GiANT is the foundational piece that is required to start that process. Understanding the voices that exist on my team have helped me begin to bridge the gap and get over the hurdles that so easily divide and ultimately destroy organizations. I’m consistently seeing the importance of relational apprenticeship and how it works. I’ve learned how to influence not just one person at a time, but an entire group of people. It has given me a clear strategy to use as I go deeper with my team.” 

-Lowrie McCown, Headmaster

So Where Do We Start?

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